What’s the difference between a native and a hybrid application ?

A native app is written specifically for one operating system, like Android or iOS. A hybrid app has some native code but also relies on programming languages that all operating systems can understand. ZeusMission offers both hybrid and native app development services because both approaches have their advantages. Hybrid apps can sometimes be faster and more cost effective to deploy to multiple mobile operating systems, but native apps typically perform more smoothly and quickly. For example, front-end programming for a particular app might cost $10,000 for Android and an additional $10,000 for iOS, totaling $20,000 if both are built natively. A hybrid approach might cost more like $13,000 for both.

How is the app distributed ?

Consumers will be able to download apps right on their devices. We’re experts in the submission process, having submitted hundreds of apps for hundreds of clients to the various consumer download services:
Apple iTunes App Store
Google Play for Android
Enterprise apps can be distributed on your own private server.

How much does it cost to develop an App ?

ZeusMission’s hourly rate for app development is less than $10 per hour. An average app project might cost about $5K – 2000K USD, with functionality and complexity raising or lowering the price accordingly.

Will you develop my app idea for profit share ?

ZeusMission works strictly as a developer for hire. We do not participate in any revenue splits or percentage agreements. That means while you shoulder development costs, you own your app free and clear, including source code and intellectual property.