Staff Augmentation

Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Anyone that’s ever worked on a big budget project, a tight scheduled deadline or a new business opportunity knows the value of having the right number of the right people on hand to get things done. Without the proper staff, even the easiest of jobs can become daunting; throw a tough, time critical job at a poorly staffed company and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t have to be this way. By properly using IT Staff Augmentation, you can guarantee that you are equipped with the best staff in the industry, primed to help you achieve your project goals.

Why IT Staff Augmentation, you might be asking? Why not hire more full-time employees that will be along for the long haul? Quite simply: because you may not always need the additional staff. Sometimes, you need highly skilled and finely tuned workers to churn out important work and then be done. Sometimes, you need augmentation to what you’ve already got working. Here are 5 key benefits to IT Staff Augmentation:

1. Cost Effective – What’s the point of paying for extra employees year round if you only need them for a very short time? With IT staff augmentation, you’re paying for the work you need, when you need it and only for the right skills at the right times. By not paying full time wages year-round, you’re saving a great deal of money in both the short, and long term.

2. Flexibility – Staying flexible in business is arguably more important than staying powerful. The ability to adapt is what promises that a company stays ahead of the curve and by using staff augmentation, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s work output when needed.

3. Control – By using IT staff augmentation, you, the organization, maintains complete and total control over who is doing the important work, who gets delegated to minor tasks and who is leading the charge on your most important and pressing projects. Maintain control, maintain the final product and every single step along the way.

4. Less Risk – One of the most risky and terrifying thing during a major project can be full blown outsourcing. By handing over quite literally everything to an outsourcer, you’re giving up the power, control and oversight until the very end. By augmenting your existing staff with highly trained and knowledgeable staff, you’re keeping things in-house and under your jurisdiction, completely minimizing the overwhelming risk that can come with outsourcing.

5. Counteracting Attrition – Recent studies indicate that as the economy improves, up to 40% of employed IT professionals are ready to change employers. So as IT attrition becomes an inevitable side effect of a positive economic upturn, IT Staff Augmentation can solidify your staffing needs.